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Hi there, my name is Marc Walker and I'm currently a 2nd year Student at the University of Brighton studying Computer Science Games, my lifelong goal is to become a Game Developer after I graduate. Ever since attending University I have been actively involved learning the fundamentals of game development/design, picking up the necessary technical and programming skills in various OOP languages like Java, C++ and C# where I have produced VR, Mobile and Web games individually or within groups during my time at University. My extracurricular activities involve collaborating with fellow students in Game Jams where I'm also a Co-Founder and the first presiding President of the massively successful Game Jam Society.


Check out the Games I've made and collaborated with people on.

Game Jams

Here are some of the Game Jams I have helped organise for students at the University with the Game Jam Society as well participate in.

What Game Studios say

Take a look at what AAA Game studios have said about my endeavours with the Game Jam Society

Recent Collaborations

These are some of the establishments I have collaborated with while at University.


Hangar 13

Developers of Mafia 3

Organised with Hangar 13 to provide mentors, judges and prizes for students that participated at the Gay(M) Jam.


Studio Gobo/Electric Square

For Honor, Forza Street

Organised with both Studio Gobo and Electric Square to provide mentors, judges and a hefty supply of food for students that participated at the Gay(M) Jam.


TT Odyssey

Mobile Division of TT Games

Organised discussions with members of staff to give advice for students aiming for the Gaming industry. Also helped arrange a mentor from TT Odyssey to help students at Gay(M) Jam.



Unity Game Engine

Acted in an advisory role for Unity with collaboration happening with the Game Jam Society and other interested parties to help organise Gay(M) Jam 2.0.



Ukie - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment

Organised with UKIE and Leon Cliff to help promote and judge the student developed games at the Gay(M) Jam.


University of Brighton

Collaborated with the University to help facilitate fundraising, promoting Game Jam events, organising computer rooms, appearances of speakers/mentors to attend the campus as well organise judging and prizes for the Gay(M) Jam.

News & Events

Check out what I've been up to recently and the future events I will be a part of.

July 27-28th, 2019

Gay(M) Jam 2.0